Organic Veggie Mix

The Veggie Mix is the only true veggie soil available in our area. Specially formulated to maximize vegetable growth. This free draining, nutrient rich soil is high in beneficial organic matter and micro-nutrients. This proprietary blend of premium PH balanced composts and an appropriate amount of sand provides for optimum growing conditions.

Veggie Mix is a powerhouse!  It has been the #1 choice for many community gardens in the Lower Mainland.

  • All of the ingredients are certifiably organic.
  • Extensively tested, widely used.
  • There is no bark added to this product.

Turf Mix

Turf mix blend is formulated for grass by seed or sod use. A fast draining sandy blend that provides a stable base with enough organic content to satisfy turf and seed requirements for years to come. Turf mix is exactly what you need to grow a great luscious lawn from the start. Perfect for professionals and homeowners alike, this material meets or exceeds the BCLNA guide line for Level I turf grass applications.

 Lawn Top Dress

The lawn top dress is a blend of finely screened course sand, nitrogen rich 3/16” organics makes this product ideal for seasonal topdressing. Designed for minimal lay over, quick germination and commercial golf course application, we offer this product to the public. This specifically formulated material will significantly improve the quality of your lawn by addressing drainage, organic and nutritional concerns. The lawn top dress is best used in conjunction with thatching and core aeration. This product contains no bark or debris over 3/16” or 4.7mm.

 Compost Planting Mix

Specifically blended as a planting bed media making it ideal for use in planting shrubs, trees, perennials and annuals. Blended from quality compost this soil is rich and dark. A combination of organic matter and sand ensures that optimum drainage, nutrient requirements and moisture retention are maintained. Analysis ensures this product meets or exceeds the BCLNA standard.

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